Scariest Things. Talking about a profound ghost experience plus a guided meditation: Mansion Halloween Party. For some reason, the video stopped after Communion. The interpretation of the meditation follows on a 2nd video.

 Mansion Halloween Party Interpretation:
1. Which costume will you choose? (new/renewed aspect to take on)
a. Ghost = Stronger spiritual connection/communication
b. Werewolf = Fearless expanded awareness
c. Elvira = Self-empowerment (Facing myself and owning my true power)
d. Other = An enhanced level of gentleness with self and others
2. To where are you drawn? = Next step
(Not necessarily what you would normally choose)
a. Corn Maze = Open up to new adventures (the unknown)
b. Dance Floor = Free your spirit from judgment through forgiveness for self/others
c. Buffet Table = Find a new way to nourish my soul/spiritual self
d. Other = Bless and be blessed by kindness
3. What beverage do you use to make a toast? (Spirit help)
a. Champagne = Spirit brightens and uplifts your spirit
b. Spiced Cider = Spirit eases life’s challenges
c. Smoking Beverage = Spirit intensifies your insights
d. Other = Spirit amplifies healing energy for self and others
4. What gift are you given? (the blessing)
a. Carved Walking Stick = all the support needed at just the right time
b. Full Food Basket = Your prayers are being answered. Pray! Ask! Seek!
c. Bejeweled Mug/Cup = Your awareness amplifies
d. Other = Peace restores your soul

Reverse Context Affirmation:
#4. (Blessing) I am blessed by:
a. All the support necessary at just the right time
b. My prayers being answered
c. Amplified awareness
d. Peace, that restores my soul
#3. (Spirit help) and Spirit now helps me by:
a. Brightening and uplifting my spirit/soul
b. Easing life’s challenges (or my perceptions of them)
c. Intensifying my insights so that I notice and understand Divine guidance
d. Amplifying healing energy for myself and others
#2. (Next step) So that now I can:
e. Open up to new adventures (have the courage to step into the unknown)
f. Free my spirit from judgment by forgiveness for self and others
g. Find a new way to nourish my spiritual self
h. Follow my kindness. I bless and am blessed
#1. (New aspect to take on) And thereby I now take on the new aspect of:
a. A stronger spiritual connection/communication
b. Fearless expanded awareness
c. Self-Empowerment – living an empowered life of joy, enlightenment, and safety
d. An enhanced gentleness with self and others