Church Services 10-31-21

We trick ourselves into believing fear instead of allowing ourselves to taste the treat of Divine Love and experience courage and grace. Our meditation today lets us enjoy the trick-or-treaters that come to our door to give us symbolic messages from Divine Source. See the symbolic meanings below.

Here are the interpretations of the symbols mentioned in the meditation. 

1. Warm Drink = What nurturing you require now a. Hot Cider = Awakening moments of insight b. Hot Cocoa = Quiet time to just be c. Spiced Wine = Opportunity to learn and grow (satisfy your childlike wonder)

2. Movie = What you are ready to receive now a. Thriller = A new challenge a new interest or focus b. comedy = Joyful light-heartedness c. Adventure = New insights and expanded awareness

3. Little one's costume = What Spirit (Divine Source) wants you to know a. Superhero = You are powerful! b. Ballerina = Grace is being gifted to you now c. Baby Yoda = The Source is strong in this one.

4. Dog's costume = Current Challenge a. Spider = Overcoming fears b. Pumpkin = Strengthening the Light within c. Mailman = Receiving spiritual messages more easily

5. Best costume = How to overcome this challenge a. Pirate = recognize your own strengths and abilities b. Mermaid = Dive in! Go more deeply / deeper into Spirituality c. Angel = Ask for Divine Assistance

6. Friend's gift = Spirit's gift to you now a. Flowers = joy and delight awakened within you now b. Warm apple pie = New insights and awareness awakened now. c. Dinner = Full meal deal - Fulfillment in all levels opening to you now. (spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.)

Remember to read your answers in reverse as this creates a powerful, positive statement for your spiritual growth. To receive #6, I now do #5, which helps me with #4. Spirit wants me to know #3, so that I can receive #2, which grants me #1. (Way cool!)