Joy + Awareness = Gratitude.  Let's use joy and awareness to ramp up our gratitude out of duty and into blessings! Guided meditation: The Library. (The sound vanished during the interpretation of the meditation. We apologize. The interpretation is below.)

The Library Meditation - by Janice Lynch

1. You choose to take a trip to the Spiritual Library. As you approach the building you notice pillars in the front. Pillars = bridge between Heaven and Earth
a. 0 Pillars = You are shifting and changing on many levels.
b. 2 pillars = You are connected and balanced.
c. 4 pillars = More connections are coming!
d. More = Ancestors assist you now.

2. You enter the building and find yourself in a grand hall. You discover that an author you like is on the second floor for a book signing. You take the stairs. Stairs = How to proceed
a. Center/straight up = Take things in stride – go for it.
b. Spiral = Look around and discover your truth before moving forward.
c. Multiple landings/changing directions = Pace yourself – not do it all at once.
d. Other = Breathe and be happy. Do something for yourself first.

3. You see there is a window at the top of the stairs. Window = Know this.
a. Shapes within shapes = Everything in its own time.
b. Stained glass = You are shielded and blessed.
c. Arched = Your path is sacred.
d. Other = New insights await your awareness.

4. The author signing books is using an interesting writing instrument. Writing instrument = How to handle the current situation.
a. Ball point pen = See a smooth transition or transformation for you now.
b. Feather Quill = Take your time, no rush.
c. Magic Marker = You are making your mark in the world. Trust your path.
d. Other = Go for it! Why wait any longer!

5. The author directs you to a page in the book. Page = Focus for now.
a. Acknowledgements = Gratitude – your gratitude blesses self and others.
b. Foreword = Move forward with grace and ease (let go of worry!)
c. Index = Focus inward to see what works or has worth for you now.
d. Other = Focus on creativity – what do you desire to create?
6. Author gives you a gift. Gift = Your blessing.
a. Notebook = Your truth is being revealed to you now.
b. Lamp = New vision or insights coming to you now.
c. Inkwell = Your words/thoughts/intent hold great value.
d. Other = Your hopes and dreams are being fulfilled.

Many blessings!
Try reading it in reverse order . . . It really can be profound.
Reverse: Change You to Me or I and adjust the verb. #6 blesses me now, so that I can focus on #5. With this focus I can then do #4. I now know this #3 so I can take this next step #2. Then I fully experience the Bridge between Heaven and Earth because #1.