The Exquisite Gift. A guided meditation where you will receive an Exquisite Gift that will assist you in living your life to the fullest. 

The Divine Fellowship Meditation
The Exquisite Gift - 11/20/22

1. Invited to a party. Where? (= what you are ready for now in your life)
a.Beach = you are ready to experience joy
b.Mansion = ready to feel fulfilled or with purpose (purpose filled)
c.Haunted House = ready to experience something new (feels a little scary)
d.Other = ready to step up into my true authentic self

2.How do you get there? (= what you are releasing)
a.Golden Coach with Horses = illness and suffering (to claim health)
b.Globe of Light = fear and anger (to claim peace)
c.Magic Carpet = doubt and shame (to claim purposefulness)
d.Other = worry and confusion (to claim brilliance)

3.Given a gift: (= what to honor/appreciate about yourself)
a.Diamond = honor and appreciate the brilliance of your soul/spirit
b.Priceless Artwork = honor and appreciate your creativity and innovative thinking
c.Expensive Vehicle = honor and appreciate your motivation/get up and go/drive with purposefulness
d.Other = honor and appreciate your steadfast spirit that lives and thrives through change

4.What do you do with that gift? (= you are now ready for this)
a.Display it = time to let others see your worth and value
b.Use it = time to take action – live your worth
c.Sell it = time to decide what you value and go for it
d.Other = time to learn something new or revisit an old interest

5.You give a gift in return. What do you give? (= Spirit help you are now willing to receive)
a.Hand-tooled Belt = Spirit helps you see the beauty of the patterns of your life
b.Glowing Ball of Light = Spirit helps you glow/shine/uplift self and others
c.Hybrid Flower you developed = Spirit helps you change the world – your world for the better
d.Other = Spirit guides and blesses you so that you bless others.


Divine Spirit now (5) ______________________________________.
I am now ready to (4) _____________________________________.  
Then I can fully honor and appreciate (3) ____________________________ about myself.
I now release (2) __________________________  and claim (2) __________________________.  

Which leads me to Live my life (1) ______________________________.