Church Services 11-21-21

The Healing Construct of Gratitude. Based on a vision received on Thursday this week, a process for healing utilizing the energetic construct of gratitude. Use specific gratitude points to bring pain relief into the body. Link points to amplify the healing results! The interpretation of the guided meditation, Walk in the Park, is below.

Walk in the Park

1. The leaf you received = the blessing you are receiving now. a. Orange = Clarity, release from old burdens along with new vision b. Yellow/golden = Abundance, prosperity, and confidence c. Red = Healing, health, vibrancy (really feeling alive!) d. Any other color or combination of colors = Peace, harmony, and insights

2. Feather = Your next step as best you can (perfection not required!) a. Raven/Crow = Reset your sights on a bright hope b. Peacock = Wake up to new possibilities or goals c. Eagle - Return your attention to your sacred path. d. Any other feather = rekindle joyful living

3. Token of gratitude = your result a. Breath mint = Words of encouragement flow through you b. Paper = Insights and inspiration flow to you now. c. Water = You are renewed and recharged d. any other token = you now shift into the flow of abundance.

Remember, it's powerful to review your meditation symbolism insights in reverse. For example, if you chose all of the (c) answers, your statement would be . . . In order to be renewed and recharged, I return my attention to my sacred path. This brings the blessing of healing, health, and vibrancy to me now. I hope this visionary process and this guided meditation blesses you now!