Yea God! Tour of the website. Includes a guided meditation: You've Won A Trip!

Sunday Services 11/27/22 Guided Meditation Interpretation:

1.Your destination symbolizes the action needed to realign/revitalize your spirituality.

a. Australia, Spirit is guiding you to focus on your Inner/Mystic side.

b. Orient, Spirit may be suggesting it is time to reorient yourself to major changes.

c. Tibet, Spirit suggests you would be best served to take time to reflect. 

2.Your significant other who accompanies you symbolizes your inner being.

a. eager to go with you, you’re on the right path. 

b. scrambles to find a way to go, take on your greatness!

c. rather go somewhere else, look for a new direction.

3.How many people see you off at the terminal signifies your desired state of spirituality.

a. If 1 – 4 people, your spirituality is deeply personal.

b. 5 – 10 your spirituality is safeguarded with a few.

c. If a large crowd you are a service to many. 

4.The vehicle that will take you to your destination represents the how you handle life’s circumstances.

a. aircraft -you rise above life’s challenges.

b. energetic transport - surrender to Spirit.

c. cruise ship - you can plow through any difficulty. 

5. The emissary who meets you represents how you are learning now.

a. A local who knows the ropes indicates you are holding on to what is good.

b. an experienced tour guide - you are already following a good leader.

c. a smiling child - find the time to have some fun! 

6. The type of lodging you stay at represents your hopes and aspirations.

a. A modern high rise is spirit encouraging you to dream big!

b. A modest local hotel is telling you to stop dreaming and start doing!

c. If you find you are staying in a bungalow, open yourself to new visions on the way. 

7. What’s the first thing you want to do?

a. Visiting the countryside - you are seeking new possibilities!

b. museums and historical places - you are reviewing and/or healing past issues.

c. go shopping - you are preparing for and seeking new inspiration. 

8. The ancient sacred place represents what you are discovering about yourself.

a. a temple - you are discovering new leadership abilities.

b. ancient burial grounds - Spirit is encouraging you to find new uses for your talents.

c. crystal cave - cultivate a deeper, more meaningful connection with Spirit. 

9. The artifact represents what you truly desire in your life.

a. a stone carving -you desire to leave a legacy.

b. piece of pottery -you desire to be of service.

c. Crystal -you desire to be a bright spiritual light. 

10.The steps between you and the artifact show you how to overcome obstacles (fears).

a. deep trench -you can overcome obstacles by keeping your eye on the goal.

b. Ascending steps - ask for Divine guidance.

c. Descending steps - look inside yourself for answers. 

11.The number of steps represents what spirit wants you to know at this time.

1 - Each day is a new beginning. Release yesterday. Claim today. Detach from tomorrow.

2 - Listen to your heart.

3- You are not alone. Spirit walks with you.

4 - Build upon the strong foundation you already have. Build well, build wisely, just begin building.

5 - Chaos is only temporary. Things will be clearer soon.

6 - Do what you love and love what you do. Love guides your path.

7 - As above, so below. As within, so without. What you see around you, reflects what's happening inside. Like it? Stay the course. Don't like it? Make some changes.

8 - Spirit blessings pour down upon you now. Open to the experience.

9 - When you find your truth and blessing in an experience, you've learned the lesson. Move on. 10 or more - See how far you've come and celebrate 

12. The object you notice at the base of the artifact symbolizes Spirit's blessing now.

a. flower, you are being given a new measure of power.

b. gem or crystal, you are being given a new focus.

c. rattle or flute, you are being given greater freedom and creativity. 

13. What you do as you leave the sacred place symbolizes what you are now taking on for yourself.

a. Touch the artifact -you taking on a new spiritual reality.

b. Leaving object - a deeper meaning in life.

c. prayer -you are becoming a spiritual emissary. 

14. The trip home relates to the Spiritual task you are taking on for yourself.

a. sleep peacefully-you are relaxing into Spirituality.

b. review your experiences -you are now ready to share your wisdom and knowledge.

c. plan a return trip -you are now ready to expand your awareness. 

15. What you left behind symbolizes you are releasing things you no longer need.

a. a camera -you are leaving behind old perceptions.

b. wallet -you are leaving behind self-doubt.

c. shoes - you are letting go of other's expectations.