Church Services 11-28-21

Paradigm Paralysis - How to survive the holidays.  After Thanksgiving we may feel a little out of sorts. No, it's not just the may have to do with the deep thought and consideration we've experienced as we considered that which we are thankful. It's time to take a look at the stories we tell ourselves. Our guided meditation insights are below.

The Hobbit House - Insights from our visuals or choices: Insights for Hobbit House Meditation by Janice Lynch.

1. Hobbit house door = I am opening to seeing this now a. Round door = Awareness of my wholeness b. Rectangle (regular) door = I am safe, protected and sacred c. Oddly shaped door = Recognizing and rejoicing in my uniqueness

2. Hand = What I currently am spiritually seeking a. An old Hobbit man = Wisdom b. A young Hobbit girl = Fresh or new insights c. A fairy = Lightheartedness d. Other = New hope

3. Where you sit = What blocks me now (What B.S. I am buying into) a. Rocking Chair = mental confusion or inability to decide b. Window seat = feeling I need to know before I can go (forward) c. Comfy couch = change is uncomfortable - it’s easier to leave things the way they are d. Other = feeling unworthy or inadequate

4. Hot beverage = next step to overcome block a. Hearty ale = stop brewing and start moving (next step – don’t know? Take a walk!) b. Hot tea = bag old thoughts - infuse new thoughts - refuse old patterns c. Hot cocoa = reclaim sweetness of life - reject suffering as my natural state of being d. Other = wake up to my inner power

5. Food served = Spirit help (yay!) a. Cheese and crackers = Spirit brings clarity of options (take a look!) b. Fruit and nuts = Spirit brings breath of fresh air (take it in!) c. Cookies = Spirit brings surprises and delight (take it on!) d. Other = Spirit brings guidance (let go of dread!)

6. Retrieve from bookcase = a tool to use now to assist my journey now a. Heavy book = right use of knowledge b. Sewing kit = healing energy techniques c. Box of pictures = visualizations d. Other = prayer and gratitude

7. Replacement box = What to let go and release right now a. Old letters = the old story I tell myself about who I am b. Old shoes = the old defeated path - regret c. Old Hat = expectations – my own and others d. Other = stalling, delaying, waiting (and the whining that goes with it!)

8. Gift = Blessing and/or result a. Magic hobbit hat = I gain new insights and sacred awareness b. Magic seeds = I recognize your spiritual growth c. Wishing papers and a magic pen= Dream it! Do it! Be it! d. Other = I obtain strength, confidence and peace

9. The gift I gave = the shift that just happened (shift happens) a. Compass = A whole new direction b. Watch = A whole new perspective c. Crystal = A whole new foundation d. Other = A new level of wonderment/child-like wonder/open curiosity.

For reverse reading: In order to gain the shift of (9) ______________________________________________________ And receive the blessing of (8) _____________________________________________________ I now let go of (7) ________________________________________________________________ A tool to assist me now is (6) _______________________________________________________ Spirit now helps me by (5) _________________________________________________________ I now do this (4) _________________________________________________________________ Which helps me overcome blocks (3) _________________________________________________ As a result, I am (2) _______________________________________________________________ Which opens me to (1) ____________________________________________________________