The Divine Fellowship - 25th Anniversary! Anointing Ceremony to receive Peace-Power/I AM Energy.

I AM Process to energize Peace Power:

Complete each sentence as you feel the golden fire of the “I AM Peace Power” flowing into your being from Divine Source.

I am ready to . . . I am willing to . . . I AM . . .

Examples: * I am ready to feel safe. I am willing to set clear boundaries. I AM Safe. * I am ready to enjoy life. I am willing to try new things. I AM adventurous. * I am ready to be happy. I am willing to listen to my soul. I AM happy. * I am ready to be heard. I am willing to speak my truth with grace. I AM powerful.

This was what was read by Beth today during contribution. It had been posted on The Divine Fellowship's website in 2018: 

I recently did a message at The Divine Fellowship entitled Bring in the Light. There were a few highlights that I wanted to share with you.

We spend a lot of energy and effort fearing what might happen. We spend our energy replaying old events in our minds hoping to understand then or protect ourselves from being harmed in that same way again. This generates anxiety. The fear and anxiety feed the darkness, and yet, there are things that we can do and do well that causes the darkness to diminish.

When you take time to meditate . . . darkness fades.

When you give a friend or stranger a compliment . . . The Light glows brighter.

When you laugh (genuinely find joy) . . . The Light amplifies.

When you Pray for yourself or another . . . The Light shines.

When you are brave and try something new . . . The Light intensifies.

When you allow someone to be where they are – even if it’s not where you want them to be . . . Light beams.

When you let someone go ahead of you in line . . . The Light blazes

When you notice a sunrise or a sunset . . . the Light radiates.

When you snap a photo for a stranger . . . the darkness scatters.

When you welcome differences while others exclude and ridicule . . . the darkness slips away.

When you tell someone how they’ve impacted your life . . . darkness folds in on itself.

When you are gentle when others are abrupt and impatient . . . darkness yields.

When you refrain from anger when cut off in traffic . . . darkness shatters.

When you forgive someone or take responsibility for your own actions . . . darkness scatters.

When you hold sacred ground for someone who is suffering . . . darkness evaporates.

When you speak kindness when others spew hatred and fear . . . darkness is VANQUISHED!

Darkness cannot prevail. Darkness fears YOU and the Light of Love that abides within you! Be the Light that you already are!

Also, several years ago, Roy Bowman received the insight for this LIGHT saying. The graphic we created from that saying is below.