Church Services 11-7-21

Healing Codes #3 (based loosely upon the works by Dr. Alex Loyd) and Happy 24th birthday for The Divine Fellowship!! We held our first services the first Sunday in November 24 years ago! Wow! May we have many more years together!

Meditation Interpretation: The gift you receive (or choose) is the gift Divine Source is giving to you now! 

  • Flame = You are being gifted with courage and encouragement so that you have the courage to be an encouragement to others. Will you allow this courage to come into your life?
  • Bio-luminescent Waves = Peace within change. Whatever is going on, Divine Source brings you peace. Will you receive it?
  • Orb of Light = Steadfastness - holding true to your sacredness. No matter what is going on, the truth of who you are (Love and Light) grants you steadfastness. Divine Source brings this into your awareness. Will you receive it?
  • Fairy Dust = The power of transformation and manifestation. What would you like to create? Now is the time. You are being gifted with this power. Will you receive it?
  • Snail Trail = Honor is worthy work. Divine Source now honors you for the work that you do. It may seem as nothing or just part of the regular activities, but Divine Source knows the action you take is worthy of honor. Will you receive this honor? As you shift into willingness, your heart clears and with it your journey from here. Many blessings!