Let's chat. Includes guided meditation: The Azure Pool.

The following is the symbolic meaning of your choices during your jungle journey to the Azure Pool.

1. Gates of the preserve = What holds you back
a. Chain Link = Expectations
b. Cattleguard = Fear
c. Wooden = Inexperience

2. Your Guide = How Spirit helps
a. Native = Spirit blesses your natural abilities now
b. Tour Guide = Spirit clearly guides your path now
c. Park Ranger = Spirit brings you a teacher to help you

3. Begin trek into jungle = Blessing given now
a. Jeep = Joy renewed
b. On foot = You courageously take the next step
c. Elephant = You remember who you are

4. What you notice = Result of getting clear
a. Orb of light = Purpose renewed and the able to fulfill your destiny with grace
b. Animal tooth on a leather cord = Empowered truth and the ability to speak your truth with grace
c. Brilliant gemstone = Receive a grace-filled spark of inspiration

5. Gift you give your guide = Your purpose now
a. Money or coins = To honor value in self and others
b. An invitation for guide to visit you = To be open to new awakening on a higher level
c. Hat or article of clothing = To live fully the Truth of the clear self