Church Services 12-12-21

 Hope's Bright Star - reclaiming and re-awakening our hope. Meditation exploring a cave with a twist. Interpretation below. 

Star of Hope Meditation interpretation by Janice Lynch for The Divine Fellowship Cave exploring with a twist.

1. At cave entrance you meet your guide (what you are ready to see now) a. Old seasoned explorer = how your past supports you today b. Young explorer = A new insight or opportunity c. Mapmaker = how your journey is a full masterpiece rather than bits and pieces d. Other = a new perspective of your part within the cosmic jigsaw puzzle

2. Enter tunnel filled with jewels and rich ore. What you pick up = a spiritual gift you require now a. Gold nugget = the ability to change/transform into something better (jewelry vs nugget) b. Amethyst stone = deepening spiritual communication c. Sapphire = expanding spiritual clarity and insight d. Other = willingness to shine, guide and be a blessing

3. The trail you choose = next step a. Valley floor = choose easy/rest, let go and go with the flow b. Ridge = elevate your thoughts and actions c. Other = innovate/create your own way

4. Gift from your guide = Spiritual blessing or help a. Carved eagle = your ‘true north’ is activated guiding your every step, pay attention to this guidance b. Carved wooden star = you are being given a new opportunity or directive – feel it c. Carved wolf = spirit help is available – ask for it, reach for it d. Other = You are being awakened to a new level of awareness – sense it.

5. You give your guide a gift = your new hope a. Orb of light = higher levels of healing energy to heal self and others b. Flower of light = advanced spiritual growth and the ability to help others grow c. Star of light = spiritual insights that allow you to shine the light of love in every situation d. Other = awakening or re-awakening to your truth and value.

Reading in reverse: Your new hope #5 allows you to receive your spiritual blessing #4. You now do this #3 which allows you to receive #2, so that now you now see #1.

Using all ‘a’ answers: My new hope of higher levels of healing energy to heal myself and others now allows me to receive my spiritual blessing of my ‘true north’ being activated to guide me. I now let go and go with the flow which allows me to receive the ability to change/transform into something better. I now see how my past support me today.