Church Services 12-19-21

Following the Thread of Love through time into the here and now. Includes a guided meditation to the Sacred Loom.

Guided Meditation – The Weaving
12/19/21 – Janice Lynch for The Divine Fellowship

Master craftsman creates amazing one of a kind pieces.  You have been gifted with one of these wearable pieces of art, a cloak. 

Color of your cloak = What you are now manifesting

  • Midnight blue = will and willingness to receive and share insights
  • Deep purple = wisdom and strength to take action
  • Forest green = energy and guidance to begin something new
  • Other (other color or combo of colors) = opportunity to unfold and be fulfilled with true prosperity

How the cloak feels = your next step

  • Soft = soften your approach and widen your perspective
  • Warm = ask for assistance, Divine, angelic, human, pets (who give comfort and delight)
  • Light/comfortable = revisit what safety means to you and how to achieve it
  • Other (substantial, powerful, blessed, etc.) = strengthen your resolve, move past fear, doubt and other’s opinions

The mirror = reflect on this now

  • Oval on a stand = what do you truly stand for?  Peace, hope, love, cooperation, independence?  How can you show it more clearly?
  • Rectangle on the floor leaning on the wall = how are you cosmically supported? Spiritual words, angels, guides, signs, all of the above?  How can you perceive it more clearly?
  • Wall of mirror = how Spirit/Divine Source sees you now, truly?
  • Other (all walls mirrors – many mirrors different shapes and sizes on multiple walls, etc.) = how to be more authentic in life? How can you really show up?

Special golden thread woven into cape = Spirit help/blessing

  • Around the neck = spirit helps you release past hurts (sets you free!)
  • Around hem = Spirit guides your steps
  • Inside the cloak = Spirit blesses your inner transformation
  • Other (on the back, on the lapel, etc.) = Spirit protects you and blesses your effort

Gift given to Master Weaver = result

  • Set of silver buttons = all aspects of self (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) align purposefully.
  • Tea and cookies = new doors open to you and you walk through w/power & ease
  • Spool of light-thread = you receive, perceive and believe Divine guidance
  • Other = Abundance awakens to your requests

In reverse for affirmation and confirmation:
To receive the result of #5;  Spirit helps me or blesses me in this way #4; As I reflect on #3; I take the next step #2; Which grants me #1

Example:  Using the ‘d. Other’ response = I receive awakening abundance, because Spirit blesses me by protecting me and my efforts.  I reflect on how to be more authentic in life and take the next step to strengthen my resolve, and move past fear, doubt and other’s opinions.  This grants me the opportunity to unfold and be fulfilled with true prosperity.