Can't Touch This! The Power of Peace. Making peace and keeping it! Steps for creating and apology are below the video. Service includes the guided meditation: Peace Power. 

Peace Powered Apology Here is one way to remain steadfast and empowered while creating a bridge of peace between one's self and another after a conflict. . .

Creating a clear apology: Begin by noticing peace and honor within your being. Note: After services I walked someone through this process for SELF FORGIVENESS!! It was really powerful! I hope you try this for yourself! 

Step 1. Honor/acknowledge the other person’s feelings: You have a right to be mad .. sad… upset… frustrated – whatever they seem to be feeling.

Step 2. Honor/acknowledge your part: I let you down … I spoke harshly … I was unkind… I didn’t put your feelings into consideration – whatever action you did.

Step 3. Honor/acknowledge the situation: I was focusing on the wrong thing… I didn’t have all the facts… I wasn’t thinking straight. (no accusations, no shame, no blame, NO EXCUSES!)

Step 4. SHUT UP: let them process. You just created an energetic bridge of peace. Just give them time to connect.

Step 5. Notice how they react/respond: They may a.) need to vent, b.) get triggered by old stuff, c.) use this to strike back.

Step 6. Watch and discern: They may a.) vent = clear quickly, b.) bring up other stuff you or someone else did, c.) attack you verbally (or withdraw completely which is a different kind of attack)

Step 7. What to do: Don’t take it personally. Stay connected to your inner peace. Retain sacred and expanded awareness. a.) if they are venting, stay silent and allow until they sigh and let it go. Offer gentle words and a gentle touch. (back off if they are not ready for that.) b.) if they got triggered gently and, with truth, acknowledge, like, “I have been unkind in the past, but I’m trying to do it better now.” When they sigh offer gentle words and a gentle touch if they are ready for that, c.) if they attack – stay silent. Get away as best you can.

Step 8. Notice the energy bridge: a.) if they vented and are clear, the energy bridge connects, b.) If they got triggered and got clear, past wounds get healed as well and the energy bridge connects, c.) If they are on the attack, the energy bridge disintegrates. This is actually good so they cannot drain your energy nor steal your peace. If brutal words are common, you might want to seek counseling from a licensed mental health care practitioner. Brutal words can lead to brutal actions.

So, make a plan to be safe. No one can steal your peace. It is a Divine gift! A gift you can share through the power of a clear apology. Many Blessings!