Monsters Under the Bed.  Areta Meek shares insights about what fuels our fears and how to overcome them. Darlene Turner guides us in a guided meditation to connect with younger aspects of ourselves.  A copy of the poem is below the video. 

Areta's Poem


Are you still afraid of monsters? Probably not anymore.
You probably don’t peek under your bed after closing your closet door. Or wake with eyes, wide-open interrogating every sound in the night, tucked away deep in your blanket, preparing for fight or flight.

No, we are no longer little children lying awake with our flashlights in our hand. But have we really stopped looking for monsters in all of the things we don’t understand? From the moment we were born, we are indoctrinated into a fear-based system. It teaches us that there must be a monster every time we feel like a victim.

But the harder we fight against the things we don’t understand,
We fall deeper into our fears and Doubt will always be quicksand.
At least, when we are still children, we have someone we trust with all of our fears. Someone to turn on a lamp and say, “See, no monsters here!”

Then, one day we are forced to be the voice of reason, tucking our kids into bed. Trying to calm the fears and worries dancing around in their head. We feel so certain that their monsters are silly as we close their bedroom door. Only curl up in the comfort of our couch and drown out the Inner child we still ignore.

We remind our children they are safe and loved and hope their worries have dissolved. Then turn on the news to transgenders or immigrants and realize that like us, our monsters have just evolved.
Lost in our own narrative of “this is what is wrong with the world today.” “They’re black, they’re white, they’re conservative, they’re gay.”

Next thing you know, Jesus is just as human as you. He hates pride and Chick-fil-A and all of the same things that you do. Put America first, make us great again. Our country is wounded and bleeding because of YOUR sin.

Repent! Repent! Turn away from your evil ways. I’ll pray for you on Sunday with the Democrats and the gays. We need darker lines at the borders, more guns, and higher walls. As long as we stand, tall, who cares who else falls?

But what if I told you that monsters aren’t real? And every demon that you perceive is just another part of you that has yet to heal. It’s not the Republicans, Democrats the Muslims or the Jews. It’s the fear of not being enough that lives inside of you.

The search for unification never stopped. It’s just now found in the things that we DO. It’s in our search for the very best diet or the religion that we pursue. We feel deep inside that there is only one, so we judge and monitor everyone’s choice.

But we have forgotten that WE are the ONE and God hears different tones of only one voice. As we lie there in the night, scared his children trying to convince our fears. We are tough, We are really feeling the perceived absence of our power and we lost in the “not enough.”

The way we used to question every sound or shadow, we still find panic in what seems unclear. We find enemies in other people that show us all of our unmet fears. The monster isn’t outside of you.
It’s not God’s wrath drawing near. It’s every ounce of unhealed pain, staring back at you in the mirror.

We are all safe.
We are all loved.
We are all one.
The only monster IS separation and fear..

So, do you still believe in monsters?

-Areta Meek-