Overcoming adversity. Taylor shares her amazing story of healing. Doctors said she would never walk again and she is walking! Then Beth shares her meditation "Walk in the Himalayas"

Interpretation Walk in the Himalayas 

1. The first stop (Loving Kindness): The treat you are given for your journey = How to get out of distressed thinking and back into the space of Loving Kindness. 

  • a. Homemade bread = Step back, breathe, and allow yourself to become a Sacred Observer. 
  • b. Nuts and berries = Remember your Divine Connection while honoring your distress. Affirm “I can be distressed and Divinely Connected.”
  • c. Herbal water = Show appreciation for another. (Don't just think it - tell it)
  • d. Other = Use wonder and curiosity. (What does the treat you are given tell you about your experience with Loving Kindness?)

2. The second stop (Compassion): The carving you choose= What you are willing to release with self-compassion 

  • a. Carving of a bird = You are ready to release self-blame and guilt. Your light shows through any mistake you perceive that you make. 
  • b. Carving of a cat = You are ready to release self-doubt. You are more powerful than you know.
  • c. Carving of a dog = You are ready to release the need to be perfect. It is your imperfections that make you uniquely you!
  • d. Other = You are ready to release the need to have it all figured out. Trust the one step at a time process! (What hint does your carving give you about your next right step?)

3. The third stop (Joy): The figure on your medallion = Your gift to share with others that brings you joy 

  • a. Angel = Receiving and sharing insights and a higher perspective 
  • b. Dragon = Leading wisely from your heart
  • c. Tree of Life = Holding sacred ground for yourself and others
  • d. Other = Sending healing with your words, actions, and acceptance. (What does your medallion tell you about what you can accept within yourself and others?)

4. The fourth stop (Peace): The number of steps = Your message of Peace from Spirit 

  • 0 steps = Notice Peace flowing through you now. Allow this peace to bless self and others. 
  • 1 step = Look for Peace in the unfolding of life events. Allow Divine Timing. 
  • 2 steps = You discover great Peace by listening to your heart-of-hearts.
  • 3 steps = Honor yourself and your journey as you honor others and their journey – in so doing your inner Peace is strengthened.
  • 4 or more steps = Step up! Act from a place of Peace-full-ness. You are a spark of change. 

You can put this together as a statement. As I step into love by ______, I can release __________. This helps me to joyfully share _________ and to discover Peace in _____________.

Example, using C and 3 step options. "As I step into Love by showing my Appreciation of others, I can release my need to be perfect. This helps me to joyfully hold Sacred Ground for myself and others, and to discover Peace in the honoring of my journey and the journey of others.