The Gift You Are - discover your gift! Includes meditation: Beach Sunset. See the interpretation below the video.

Beach Sunset Meditation interpretation:

1. Large object = What helps you now 

  • a. driftwood = previous experiences - trust what you know 
  • b. rock formation = other help and support now - it's okay to ask for help
  • c. anchor = your faith, hope, love - your moral character and personal strength help you now

2. Floatation device = How to relax/rest/find peace 

  • a. water hammock = trust your inner knowing 
  • b. raft = trust the process - do the next right thing
  • c. water lounger = ask for assistance

3. What you see on the beach = Your next step 

  • a. Mer-person = take on your power 
  • b. starfish = receive healing energy for self and others
  • c. dolphin = take time to play

4. Gift = Spirit help now 

  • a. sea shell = the blessing is being revealed - look for it 
  • b. pearl = insights and wisdom come to you now
  • c. straw hat = comfort and ease are gifted to you - receive with a breath

5. Predominant color of sunset = What Spirit (Divine Source) wants you to know now 

  • a. orange = your are making a difference - keep at it! 
  • b. golden = peace leads you to your power and strength
  • c. purple = Divine Assistance comes to you now