Divine Healing Circle. Utilizing symbolism to discern information about our spiritual path. The directions and the interpretations are below the video.

Divine Healing Circle by Janice Lynch for The Divine Fellowship
Draw large circle on your paper. Add these symbols. See your Soul’s healing journey for now.

  • Path
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Candle
  • Drum
  • Box
  • Crystal
  • Angel
  • Star

Draw + through the circle. Upper left is the Mental Arena. Upper Right is the Spiritual Arena. Lower Right is Emotional Arena. Lower Left is Physical Arena.

Path = I walk my Soul’s Path with focus on this arena(s) now____________.
Dreamcatcher = My challenge at this moment is in this Arena ____________.
Candle= To face this challenge, Spirit brings enlightenment to me in this Arena ____________________________.
Drum = I find true power of cooperation and compassion within this Arena _________________.
Box = Spirit now gifts to me a blessing in this Arena __________________.
Crystal = I now focus my strengths and abilities in this Arena ____________.
Angel = Spiritual assistance comes to me in this Arena __________________.
Star = It is time for me to shine in this Arena __________________________.

Here is the affirmation I wrote using the symbolism drawn for our Church as you see in the video:
As we walk our sacred path (Path) we find balance (Path going through the center) and enlightenment (Path ending in Mental Arena). We focus (Crystal) on spiritual insights (Candle #1) and are blessed with spiritual gifts (Box) and spiritual assistance (Angel) to enlighten us (Candle #2) as we face challenging times (Dreamcatcher). Through cooperation and deep compassion (Drum #1 ) we shine brightly (Star) so that others can find us and join us (Drum #2) on our sacred journey.