Tips for Manifesting.  Tips for Manifesting because manifesting can be tricky! Here are a few helpful hints. Includes guided meditation: Meadow to the Mountain.

Here are the interpretations for the meditation options:

Notice Mountain. Desire to go there. 

1. Transport = What Spirit wants you to know.

  • a. Magic train = Release effort – go with the flow 
  • b. Magic bubble/sphere = You are protected and safe
  • c. Magic carpet = You are uplifted and you uplift others

2. Notice as you travel = What you are ready to release

  • a. Ancient City = Old unhealthy patterns and judgements of self and others 
  • b. Modern City = Busy-ness – overactivity – over scheduling
  • c. Crop Circles = Trying to figure it out- overthinking/efforting

3. How you release Heart’s Desires = Next step  

  • a. Lantern w/candle = Awaken (re-awaken) the power of your intent 
  • b. Paper airplane = Awaken (re-awaken) your playful self – childlike wonder (I wonder what my next step will be. I wonder what blessings are coming to me.)
  • c. Bow and arrow = Awaken (re-awaken) your ring-true/spiritual confirmation 

4. Back to meadow. Gift waiting for you = Spirit’s gift to you

  • a. Chalice = You are gifted with a new quest of self-discovery – motivation and blessing for this sacred quest 
  • b. Harp = You are gifted with the ability to tune in to guidance – sensing vibrations
  • c. Crown = You are gifted with a new level of self-authority – the ability to choose wisely in your own behalf I hope this meditation blesses you richly!