Happy Mother's Day! Let's create Personal Healing Directives to assist with self healing. Creating Personal Healing Directives and ringing these directives into our awareness through intent in our hearts and minds amplifies self healing. (The list of the healing directives is below the video.)

Here is the list of Healing Directives shared in the meditative process. Choose your own and add to this list. Find a positive and active word and then focus on the positive outcome rather than the suffering. This helps the body re-focus on the positive directive which brings healing!

Healing Directives:
• Ramp up Divine Connection
• Clarify Spiritual Connection
• Intensify Intuition
• Awaken optimism
• Restore positivity
• Rekindle gratitude
• Supplement all deficiencies
• Gently release toxicity
• Release inappropriate resistance
• Generate genuine security
• Inspire creativity
• Expand Awareness
• Revitalize basic systems
• Balance Emotional System
• Restore adrenal system
• Strengthen digestive system
• Refresh nervous system
• Activate immune system
• Revitalize circulatory system
• Clear respiratory system
• Reinforce muscular/skeletal system
• Refresh patience
• Deepen faith
• Activate perceptions
• Expand joy
• Reestablish purposefulness
• Restore innocence

May it be so!!!