Guest Speaker Roy Bowman compares the Law of the Old Testament to the Power of Grace in the New Testament. Meditation to a Golden Temple (see meditation meanings below the video)

Interpretation of Meditation

The star/orb represents your hopes and dreams.
Right. There may be things that you have always wanted to do that you are putting off to another time. This is telling you that that time is NOW. Now is the time to move forward with your dreams.
Left. If you feel uncertain or blocked about what next, it may be that you aren’t dreaming big enough. Think out of the box, possibilities abound.
Front. You are already focusing on your dreams. By bringing it into your heart space you may find that things move quickly.
Back. You may have dreams that you have given up on, put behind you, because you don’t feel worthy. This is telling you to revisit these dreams and to know that you are worthy and what you do is important.

The color represents what motivates you and how to deal with that which may shut you down.
Red. Be in charge of your Destiny. Helps overcome people pleasing.
Yellow. Live in the Joy of the moment. Helps overcome worry and anxiety.
Blue. Bringing the Light of Love to self and others. Helps overcome complaining.
Green. Allows life to unfold. Helps overcome hurry, control.
Purple. Be a blessing and an example to others. Helps overcome showboating or being invisible.
Orange. Self-fulfillment. Helps overcome jealousy or living through others.
Pink. Service and compassion. Overcomes blame-shame and guilt.