Can you see it from here?  Can you see your goals/hopes/dreams from here? Today's message holds a tip for ramping up your manifesting! Included guided meditation: The Crystal City of Light. See the interpretation below the video.

Meditation interpretations:
1. Guide = to clear your situation, focus upon this
A. Angel = Discovering your ascension path - a higher level of life experience
B. Being of Light = Finding your true self and self's purpose
C. Ancestor = Creating generational healing
2. Gate = What to rekindle in your life now
A. Amethyst = Expanded awareness
B. Clear Quartz = Clear insights
C. Ruby = Passion and drive
3. Gift = Action to take
A. Feather = Pray, plan, pursue
B. Orb of Light = Bless and be blessed
C. Sword of Light = Cut self loose from old wounds
4. Blessing from Ascended Jesus = Your blessing now
A. Shoulder = Jesus understands you (feel the compassion)
B. Heart = Jesus encourages you (feel the grace)
C. 3rd Eye = Jesus inspires you, (feel the wonderment)
Top of the head: In services several people got a blessing from Ascended Jesus on the top of the head = Jesus forgives you (feel the freedom and peace).

May this message and meditation bless you richly!