Make it Great with an acknowledgement of Memorial Day and those who served as well as loved ones passed. More tips on manifesting. Includes guided meditation: Cloud Messages. Interpretations are below the video.

Cloud Messages Interpretations :

1st Cloud = Focus for manifesting
a. Single fluffy cloud = Focus on self
b. White cloud bank = Focus on the greater good
c. Storm cloud = Focus on the situation to change and the possible positive outcome

2nd Cloud = Action to take
a. Dragon = Get fired up!
b. Unicorn/Pegasus = See the blessing of the positive outcome
c. Mermaid = Dive in and feel the positive result happening

3rd Cloud = Spirit Help
a. Angel = You will be guided
b. Rainbow = You will receive clear vision
c. Light Rays = You will be inspired

4th Cloud = Blessing and/or Result
What ever you see, ponder the symbolic significance and know that your outcome is blessed!