Remembering and being remembered. How do you want to be remembered? This is your soul's truth. Live this truth. Not the fear nor worry, but the truth of who you are to receive all the miracles life has to offer. Haystack Rock Beach Meditation (Interpretation below the video).

Here are the interpretations from the guided meditation:
Haystack Rock Beach Meditation
Think of a situation you would like to have some insights about. The images you imagine or select may have spiritual significance for you and assist you in your current situation.
1. Type of day you experience = What to notice now
a. Sunny – blue skies = Expand your awareness – Look with your awareness to the horizon and create a goal/target
b. Grey – overcast skies = Soften your focus – be gentle with yourself – be in the here and now.
c. Brilliant, Colorful Sunset = reset your focus to notice the positive rather than the negative. Notice what is working, what is of value or what is worthy of your attention now.
2. What type of sea bird to you notice = action to take
a. Sandpiper = be resilient and able to shift and adapt as things are changing or will be changing quickly
b. Seagull = Claim what is yours and go for it! Don’t squawk about it, take the next step.
c. Albatross = Get a new perspective. Ask for guidance from someone with experience or guidance and insight from Divine Source. Take a new look in a new way.
3. Tide Pool Creature = your blessing
a. Starfish = Healing is happening for you and this situation now. Physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. Receive this healing energy and send healing energy into this situation.
b. Anemone = What you require is being brought to you now. Hold gratitude in your heart along with willingness to receive.
c. Crab = You now have the ability to step aside and allow Divine Source to work in your behalf. Do your part and let God do God’s part. What is your part? Stay out of worry and fear and move into grace and peace. From grace and peace your next step will be revealed. What is God’s part? To carry the burden. You can let that part go. Let the miracles begin!
May this message and meditation bless you!