Crystal Circuitry - Foot Crystals.  We all can use some support while walking our Sacred Path! These Foot Crystals can help! Meditation into the Rose Garden with Beth.

These Foot Crystals can help! Which ones will you choose?
Left Heel Crystal Color / Significance
-Release old patterns – Choose Blue.
-Heal (heel) your emotional past – Choose Pink.
-Heal old trauma affecting body currently – Choose Green.
-Reclaim your power/passion for life – Choose Red.
-Claim ability to protect yourself from outside disruption – Choose Aqua.
-Reclaim your innocence – Choose Yellow.
-Claim your true spirituality without religious dogma – Choose Purple or Violet.
-Clearing the past on all levels (past events, genetic memory, and past lives) – Choose Clear.
Left Center Crystal Colot / Significance
-Restore/reclaim emotional balance – Choose Blue.
-Let go of judgment of self and others – Choose Pink.
-Finding value in the past – Choose Green.
-Empowering self and others – Choose Red.
-Investing in self – Choose Aqua.
-Finding childlike wonder/joy – Choose Yellow.
-Walking in Faith (Spirit Led Life) – Choose Purple or Violet.
-Opening to new truths and insights - Choose Clear.
Left Ball Crystal Shape / Significance
-Willing to see all sides to a situation – Choose Triangle.
-Finding new inner strength – Choose Pyramid.
-Clear your perspective for a new/clear ring true – Choose Heart.
-Honoring your feelings/sensing – Choose Teardrop.
-Seeing what comes around goes around. Finding the power of allow – Choose Circle.
Left Ball Crystal Color Significance
-Feeling ok to feel – Choose Blue.
-Learning to trust self and Spirit – Choose Pink.
-Taking on your greatness – Choose Green.
-Taking on a new passion for life – Choose Red.
-Opening to new perspectives – Choose Aqua.
-Eagerness to move forward into something new – Choose Yellow.
-Stepping into an awakened intuition – Choose Purple or Violet.
-Opening to an expansive awareness - Choose Clear.

Right Heel Crystal Color / Significance
-Acquiring a new dream – Choose Blue.
-Seek and find new, loving friendships – Choose Pink.
-Advancing in healing – Choose Green.
-Awakening to do what you love and love what you do – Choose Red.
-Believe and achieve (renew your faith in self, others, Divine) – Choose Aqua.
-Joy guides your steps – Choose Yellow.
-Walk with Spirit – Choose Purple or Violet.
-Be true to yourself – Choose Clear.
Right Center Crystal Colot / Significance
-Hope brings your destiny into alignment – Choose Blue.
-Love and Faith guide the way – Choose Pink.
-Take on being the ‘wounded healer’ – Choose Green.
-Be Love. Do love – Choose Red.
-Become the visionary – Choose Aqua.
-Live, Laugh, and love – Choose Yellow.
-Spirit walks with you – Choose Purple or Violet.
-Wield wisdom with grace - Choose Clear.
Right Ball Crystal Shape / Significance
-Awakened Perspective – Choose Triangle.
-Power Balanced with Grace and Peace – Choose Pyramid.
-Courage coupled with Brilliance – Choose Heart.
-Empowered Empath – Choose Teardrop.
-Visionary Insight – Choose Circle.
Right Ball Crystal Color Significance
-Confident to step into the unknown – Choose Blue.
-Walk with love – Choose Pink.
-Comfort walks with you (every day is better and better – Choose Green.
-Live with balanced passion and power – Choose Red.
-Step into the beauty and wonder of how much you are loved by Spirit – Choose Aqua.
-Walk with confidence. You are on the right path – Choose Yellow.
-Your destiny blesses you and others – Choose Purple or Violet.
-You are free to be and follow your heart - Choose Clear.

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