Father's Day blessing plus a Guided Meditation to visit the Master Craftsman (the interpretation is  below the video).

Guided Meditation Interpretations:
1. the wooden object you received or requested reflects what to look for or notice,
a. Kaleidoscope = look for/notice patterns. Good ones, reinforce them. Bad ones, let them go as best you can.
b. Telescope = look for/notice your hopes and dreams. Set your sights and take the next right step.
c. Magnifying glass = look for/notice your heart's desires - what does your heart-of-hearts really desire? Are you on track with that?
2. Metal wall hanging = Action to take
a. Trees/leaves = take time to grow - invest in yourself
b. Star = Shine on - be a force for good. (The world needs you now!)
c. Landscape = Take a new look at the big picture. You'll see where you fit in and where you don't.
3. Crystal encrusted chalice = Spirit Help
a. Sunstone = Spirit helps you stand and be seen
b. Moonstone = Spirit brings your insight and inspiration to share
c. Amber = Spirit meets you in the stillness. (Might want to make time for stillness in your life.)

Read your insights in reverse. Example: If you received Amber, the Star, and the Kaleidoscope = As I take time to meet with Spirit in the stillness, I can then shine and be a force for good. I then reinforce positive patterns I see in my own life and in the lives of others.

I hope these insights bless you richly!