When Paths Diverge.  In these trying times our relationships may be changing. Here is a technique to help us honor that journey. Included Guided Meditation "Sacred Paths." Interpretation of Guided Meditation below video. 

Interpretation of Guided Meditation"
1. Boulder obstructing path = how to deal with a physical challenge you may be facing right now.
a. Lifted over = You are supported and blessed.
b. Shattered or Broken Boulder = Healing is happening now. You've got this - walk in faith.
c. Climb over = new insights coming along with new tools to handle this challenge.
2. Ditch cuts through your path = How to deal with someone else's challenge that is effecting you.
a. Step over = Walk your own sacred path with honor. Pray, bless and let go of the other person(s).
b. Carried over = Notice, bless and release. God's got this for you and for them.
c. Bridge created = help if you can and if they will let you so that you both can move forward. If they are not willing to move forward, continue on your journey anyway.
3. Rubbish dumped in the path = how to deal with hurtful words and actions of others.
a. Bag it = set it all aside to clear your heart, mind, body and soul of their stuff (rubbish).
b. Step through it = Your bravery and strength carry you through.
c. Jump over it = Take a leap of faith and leave that rubbish behind.
4. Gift on the path = Spirit (Divine) assistance now.
a. Crystal = new insights being given to you now. Move forward with clarity and vision.
b. Staff/Walking stick = You are being supported and strengthened as you move forward fearlessly.
c. Water bottle -= Divine Source now refreshes your soul. Drink deeply. Heal. Move forward refreshed and renewed.

It would be really wise to create a statement using these insights in reverse. For example, if we use the last choice in each option above:

Divine Source now refreshes my soul. I drink deeply and heal so I can move forward refreshed and renewed. I can then take a leap of faith and leave other people's rubbish words and actions behind. I can help those who are willing to be helped so we both can move forward. This brings new insights and new tools to assist my journey.
Many blessings to you as you walk your Sacred Path!