What Is Your Cosmic Cushion? Discernment rather than Judgment. The grace that comes to us as a "Cosmic Cushion" to support our journey. Includes a guided meditation: The Secret Room (Interpretation below video.)

The Secret Room
Abandoned Structure = the state of our soul in judgment.
1. Which abandoned structure = what pushes us into judgment
a. Old Mansion = people pleasing - trying to make everyone else happy
b. Old Farm House = Not grounded due to worry, stress, fear, or overwork
c. Old castle = relying on own strengths, abilities and accomplishments rather than gratitude, grace and faith
2. Where you find the hidden (secret) room = the fastest way out of judgment
a. Under staircase = enter into healing energy for self and others
b. Behind pantry = nourish your spiritual being with kindness to self and others
c. Behind bookcase = seek new information to learn or to teach
3. Contents of Safe = What Divine Source gives you now - your Divine Birthright (since we use our birthdate as the combination)
a. Jewels = clarity/freedom from self judgment, judgment of others, the pain of the judgment from others
b. Ancient coins = wisdom filled with grace
c. Painting = a new perspective of joy and compassion

You might wish to review this in reverse to create an affirmation for yourself. For example, using the "c" response for each one . . . Divine Source now gives me a new perspective of joy and compassion so that I now seek new information to learn and/or teach which allows me to honor my own strength, abilities, and accomplishments with gratitude, grace and faith.

May this bless you richly!
May the Source be with you!