Healing the Core and MORE! With so much distress in the world, today we do a clearing process to heal from the core out. And we amplify the Golden Light of Love.

Crystal Core Color Definitions:

*Red – Not a stop light, rather a willingness and passion to do the extraordinary. Instills passion to follow your dreams/aspirations to fulfillment. Leadership with determination and compassion; balancing inner authority with action. Power of choice (Live it – Love it – Do it – Be it, others follow your lead)

*Yellow – Brings joy and versatility as you transform self and assist others in change. Transforming oneself and others through renewal, rebirth, reconnecting. Power of transformation for self and others (Be the change you wish to see)

*Blue – Anchors you in truth and assists you in remaining steadfast to that truth. Enhances the ability to speak one’s truth with love and grace. Power of peace (Brings discernment and perception)

*Green – Restores one’s soul so you can assist in restoring the souls of others. The Wounded Healer – you know pain and move through it with brilliance. Power of childlike wonderment (Wisdom of innocence beyond ignorance or numbed out)

*Purple – Amplifies connection with Divine Source/Spiritual Realms/Ascension. Creates pathways for insights and inspiration. Power of expanded awareness (Tune in and share insights with others)

*Clear – Sacred Observer - holding the Sacred Space for self and others
Strength to stand your ground and hold sacred ground for others for clarity and healing. Power of authenticity (Healing/helping others w/out enabling, interfering, or judging)

*Black – Knowing the unknowable with wisdom and grace
Access to unlimited potential. Power of discernment (Sensing when and what to share with whom)

*Silver – Achieving balance between physical and spiritual. Granting peace so that you and others may walk in ecstasy. Power of adaptability (Malleable and strong, beautiful and powerful, valuable and kind)

*Gold – Finding self-authority coupled with Universal awareness
Leads one to compassion and inner awakening. Power of sacredness (Being real – really here, really alive, really connected, really awake)

*Magenta – Grants ability to be unique and uniquely powerful spiritually
Stabilized/grounded intuition leading to foundations for healing self and others. Power of right-wise-ness / righteousness (Banishes emotional slavery through the power of Divine Spiritual guidance)

*White – Spiritual union of Heaven and Earth to align one’s self and others to the chosen journey; Purity, clarity, and the delight of spiritual safety. Power of grace (I Am – I Am Becoming)

*Combo Colors –Add the definitions to claim all aspects of the Core Crystal (i.e. Peach or Orange = Red + Yellow + White; Lavender = Purple + White; Turquoise = Blue + Green, etc.)

*Iridescent - adds angelic assistance