Choose Happy!  Guest Speaker Michele Lanigan shares with us powerful and fun insights. (If you really want to see The Divine Fellowship as it truly is, check this video out!!!). Handout is below the video.

God Loves You and Wants You to be Happy

Choose to change. Find a counselor, if you need to.

  • Pray: Ask for help to change (God, Jesus, Loving Spirit of Light, your higher self, ancient ones, spirit guides, God of your heart)
  • Meditation: rewires your brain from anxiety caused by trauma (Prinston)
    Call a friend: Reduces blood pressure and cortisol
  • Gratitude: Consciously note positive things in your life
  • Acts of Kindness: boosts sense of well-being and happiness
  • Laying on Stomach: Forces deep breathing, calms racing thoughts
  • Dance it Off: Dance for 30 seconds
  • Humming: calms racing thoughts (can’t think and hum at the same time)
  • Superhero Pose: feet apart, hands on hips, head up (hold for 2 to 5 minutes; Amy Cuddy Prinston), reduces cortisol, stimulates testosterone
  • Kinesiology (touch): stroking behind the ear

Happy Chemicals (from The Mind Journal):
1. Dopamine (reward chemical): Complete a task, self-care activities, eating, celebrating little wins
2. Serotonin (mood stabilizer): Meditating, exercise, sun exposure, walk in nature
3. Oxytocin (love hormone): Play with a dog or kids, holding hands, hugging, giving compliments
4. Endorphin (pain killer): Laughter, exercise, essential oils, comedy shows or movies, dark chocolate