Taking Courage. Meditation to an Island (see the interpretation below video)

Island Meditation by Janice Lynch

1. The color of the bird's open wings = Spirit’s Message to you now

a. Red = Reclaim your power with truth 

b. Blue = Time to rest/heal/recharge

c. Purple = Time to awaken to deeper spirituality

d. Other = Bring balance into all you do. 

2. The number of waterfalls going into the pool = What blocks you now 

a. 1 long fall = you feel overwhelmed

b. 2 long falls = other’s opinions block you now

c. 3 smaller falls = distractions block you now

d. Other = All of the above.

3. What you notice beside the pool = Your next step 

a. Beautiful shell = Rediscover your value

b. Floating flower = Open now to Higher Awareness and healing

c. Beautiful Pearl of any color = Forgive, heal, move on

d. Other = new doors open for you, step through

4. The picture you draw in the sand = Your blessing 

a. Heart – Renewed Hope

b. Cross = Renewed faith in self and God and others

c. Star = A new dream awakens

d. Other = All of the above!