Whose child are you, anyway? Guest Speaker Areta Meek shares insights with us. Guided meditation: The County Fair.

Guided meditation: The County Fair
Interpretation of symbolism:
1. Fair food of choice = What's on your plate to do
a. Corn on the Cob = Get things lined up for your next adventure or new project.
b. Hot dog/Corn dog = Savor this moment and release fretting
c. Elephant Ear = open up to receiving spiritual guidance; also - know that others hear you and your prayers are being heard.
2. Ride of choice = Your next step/know this
a. Roller Coaster = Hang on! (this will be fun!) while letting go of worry
b. Ferris Wheel = Know that you are being uplifted by Spirit so you can see/perceive things from a higher perspective.
c. Bumper Cars = Random encounters have great impact and value.
3. Animal of choice = What Divine Spirit wants you to know about yourself.
a. Lamb = Your gentle spirit blesse many.
b. Horse = Your grace and power blesses many.
c. Rabbit = You are growing in leaps and bounds!
4. Purchase of choice = Spirit Help/Blessing
a. Magic Wand = Your heart's desires are being fulfilled.
b. Flying Skateboard = You are being uplifted by Divine Love and support.
c. Cowboy Boots = Your path is being cleared. you walk with ease and style!
Blessings to you, Dear One!