Let's Talk About Peace - includes guided meditation to Dragon's Lair.

The Dragon’s Lair
Guided Meditation 9/11/22 with Janice Lynch
1. The color of the dragon you see indicates the issue to consider now.
a .Red/orange = Life force issue – physical issue or empowerment issue
b. Blue/silver = Heart issue – a feeling or relationship issue
c. Black/grey or white = A spiritual issue – awareness activation
d. Other = An issue of decisions/choices

2.The location of the dragon’s lair indicates the challenge of the issue:
a. Extinct volcano= Rekindling passion and/or willingness
b. Abandoned castle = Finding quiet time and space to ponder/just be
c. Rocky Mountainside = Clearing out old patters that no longer serve
d. Other = Identifying where you are and where you wish to be

3.Inside the lair indicates Spirit’s help for you now:
a. Crystalline = Spirit grants you new insights for this situation/challenge
b. Lava tube = Spirit clears the path for you and clears the vision for you
c. Claw marks from dragon digging = Spirit creates a break-though (Break-True) for you to help you know the truth and what to do
d. Other – Spirit grants you a new measure of empowered Peace

4.Your choice from the dragon’s treasure indicates your next step:
a. Crown = Reclaim your self-authority from others or a past life issue. How? Recognize your self-worth (you will get a sense of this as you gaze into your dragon’s eyes upon returning to the precipice)
b. Gold chalice = Make a clear decision in your own behalf rather than only considering other’s needs
c. Scepter = sense and use deep gratitude for how far you’ve come so far on this journey. You have accomplished much!
d. Other – gather people, ideas, items that bless your project/goal/hope/dream

5.The gift you give the dragon indicates what you have discovered as you see yourself in the dragon’s eyes and feel worthy
a. Medallion = Renewed self-awareness
b. Food (Dragon Chow) = Renewed sense of purposefulness
c. Hug = Renewed sense of empowered Peace
d. Other = Renewed willingness to be of service balanced with safe boundaries

Hope this meditation blesses you richly!!!