Blessings Flow with Guided Meditation to a garden. Interpretation is below the video. 

Flower Power Meditation Interpretation
Withering in Sun – Languishing in shade
1.Garden Gate = Situation to consider
a. Wrought iron = choice at hand
b. Wooden = what makes you happy
c. Light = spiritual communication = insights
d. Other = Past life issue influencing you now
2.Master Gardener = Spirit Help
a. Jesus = Your sacredness and life force energy is restored
b. Powerful young master gardener = Healing energy renews your health/vitality and/or enthusiasm
c. Wise Old Person = Spiritual insights are freely given on any topic.
d. Other – Serenity calms your path and grants you ease.
3.Shade plant blooms = Divine Directive
a. Trumpet = Speak your truth with grace. You will be heard. You inspire others. (Remember to listen to what you say to yourself and others – there is power there.)
b. Bell – Be grounded and your “ring true” clears. Listen to this ring true and receive the guidance you seek.
c. Open = Open up to new insights and guidance along with new opportunities for growth – pray for willingness.
d. Other = Wait, for now. Heal, restructure, learn something new, or allow yourself to be restored and renewed through self-care and Divine Blessings.
4.Sunny Plant blooms = What Spirit wants you to know
a. Red = Others see you and are encouraged. Time to shine!
b. Yellow = Your bright heart and sharp mind lead the way.
c. Purple = Peace washes through you to bless self and others.
d. Other = A focused intent allows heart and soul, body and mind to work together for good.