We are all suffering from bouts of doubts! Let's move through this more quickly! Lost Civilization/Escarpment Meditation. 

What follows is a listing of the meditation options and their meanings (Look at this AFTER you do the meditation).  Note your responses and their meanings. Read forwards and backwards – powerful insights! 

 Lost Civilization/Escarpment Meditation
  • Base Camp = Cling to This/ Remember!  Individual Cabins/tents – Remember your uniqueness/individuality. Hunting Lodge – Remember your curiosity/wonderment. Luxury hotel – remember your sense of peace/honor for self and others.
  • Let Go = What You are Releasing Now. Heavy boots – other’s expectations. Heavy Backpack – worries/cares of the world. Heavy tool pouch – effort-ing, overdoing, overthinking.
  • Ascend Method = Current Challenge.  Hot air balloon – Overcoming the pull of doubt. Climbing team – getting solid footing – avoiding slipping into old habits. Chair lift – learning to relax and trust the process (trust self, others, God).
  • Guide’s Garment = Spirit/Divine Help.  White – Spirit brings you clearing/healing energy. Bright Red/Blue or purple – Spirit brings fresh insights. Earth tones – Spirit brings grounding and a clear path. 
  • Sacred Place = Your Next Step. Crystal Bridge – Learn something new/develop new skill. Ancient Shrine = Revise your sacred path – reconnect in a new way that refreshes you. Golden Peak – Find a worthy goal – ask for guidance on this. 
  • Gift Received = Your Sacred Grace. Crystal flower – you allow yourself to unfold for the good of all. Orb of Light – You allow yourself to walk in light and shine with gratitude for all. Pyramid of gold – You allow yourself to seek/find your spiritual power and use it wisely for the good of all. 
  • Treat Given to the Guide = Action to Take Now. Hot tea/beverage – be of encouragement/ appreciate and uplift others. Energy bar – Do healing energy work on a higher level. Warm bread/muffin – Amplify kindness and compassion in your world.