The Aha Moment - Healing Sunday.  Includes guided meditation that takes you into Space. Thank you Darryl for volunteering for the healing demo. Scroll below the video for the interpretation of the Meditation. 

Journey into Space Meditation (w/suggestions by Sue) 

1. Taken out into the galaxy. What carries you into the galaxy = what motivates you now
a. Billowy Cloud = Lofty goals, dreams, ideals
b. Spaceship = Practical efficiency – finding a better way
c. Beam of light = Love, light and joy

2. What catches your attention as you are observing the galaxy = What to focus on next/now
a. Constellation = Team effort / helping others / allowing others to help you
b. Meteor shower = A doable plan of action / follow through
c. Black Hole = Letting go / healing / self and others

3. Land on a planet = what Spirit wants you to know
a. Earthlike = You have everything you need to go forward – go forward
b. Crystalline/alien = Time to try something new
c. Moonlike/no atmosphere = Take time for yourself

4. Who do you meet here = Next step
a. Space alien = Look at things differently from a new perspective – get a 2nd opinion other than your own come-from
b. Cosmic Self = Meditate, pray, as for clarifying your dreams/goals
c. Archetypical figure that is helpful or positive = Ask for help / become willing to receive help

5. Receive gift from the Universe = blessing / result
a. Stardust = You are strengthened and blessed
b. Comet’s tail = You leave a legacy of love
c. Starlight = Your heart shines brightly and blesses many.