So, it cooled off this evening and I was out sitting in the shade part of the garden. I was enchanted to see about a dozen dragonflies darting around the yard in front of me. They zoomed around effortlessly. They darted here and there and gave each other plenty of space. These dragonflies had been here for several days and blessed me with their beautiful aerial acrobatics. I wondered what message they intended. I pondered on this for several days.

Earlier this evening while talking to Mary Lou (who is doing fine after her ankle replacement surgery) she mentioned that our thoughts can be self-critical and negative and how important it is to be able to shift out of that negativity.

That’s the message the dragonflies were bringing! Our thoughts can be like those dragonflies! A dozen or so, buzzing around in our minds shifting and turning and keeping us spun up and dazed out.

Certainly, there is lots in the world to consider and be aware of, yet we try to follow each thought only to be distracted by another. The more distracted we are the more distracting these thoughts become.

What if, instead, we viewed thoughts like dragonflies. We cannot change them—nor would we want to! Yet, we can observe them from the space of Sacred Observer and just notice their dance and enjoy the beauty of their movements.

So, too, we can notice thoughts and observe them from the place of Sacred Observer. I can just notice them. Oh, look, that’s a worry. Oh, there’s that pesky self-doubt again. My-my, isn’t that my old fear whispering in that one?

From the Sacred Observer perspective, we disengage from those negative thoughts. They insist they are telling the truth to keep us safe. That’s just a cover up for the real truth—they are masking the Light of Love that sets us free and allows us to live abundantly. From the Sacred Observer perspective we can see the mind’s dance through life’s challenges in an ever-tense need to control. (Like I can control anything - not even my thoughts!) Yet, as we observe in this way, we can make a new choice. we can notice the beautiful evening or the bright new day and feel more alive than ever before.

Disengaging from the negative thoughts allows us to slip effortlessly into the flow of love and light that surrounds us at all times. In this, we access energy and power that grants us a new perspective and new thoughts.

Energetically/spiritually, dragonflies represent “dancing in the light”. As we allow ourselves to notice and disengage from negative thinking, love and light beams into our life and we can dance in that light!

So, what negative thoughts are swarming in your mind? Can you identify them as a specific type? Worry? Fear? Bitterness? Observe them as they dance around in your mind. Now, shift focus to notice something in the world around you. A book? A star? A picture on your phone? Feel the power of of Love and Light flow to you and through you. Now, too, you are dancing in the light!!