A new day is dawning. Whatever time of day you may be reading this, a new day dawns somewhere on this planet. Somewhere, the sun’s first rays flood across their part of the world. Somewhere, someone sees vibrant colors in the sky. Even if the day finds itself as cloudy, the sun’s energy shines through, though bleakly.

The sun sets on some of our adventures and we put them to bed. The sun then rises on new adventures. The key rests in knowing when to release and when to begin.

And one other really cool thing . . . anytime can be our own dawn of awareness or awakening of insight. That key resides in asking.

Asking—tricky business that asking stuff. First, we recognize a need for guidance or expanded awareness. Without that recognition we meander through life oblivious and trapped by routine, duty or boredom. Recognition of a quest for insight opens our heart-of-hearts, our minds, our energy fields, and our perceptions.

Then comes the question. Asking ‘why’ is the most worthless question ever asked. ‘Why me, God?!’ ‘Why did that person do that?!’ ‘Why is this so hard?!’ The answers are obvious. ‘Why me? -Because you’ve got this. ‘Why did that person do that?’ -Because they could. ‘Why is this so hard?’ -Because you are learning. We just don’t like those answers. Often those situations that generate those sorts of questions end up being one of those ‘Best- Worst Things’. We cannot see the value because we are in the middle of it. The value reveals itself down the road. We still might not like it, but we see the value the difficulty brought us. 

Try to avoid questions with ‘should.’ ‘Should I do this or that?’ True insight allows for your own choice. Divine Source will not tell you what to do! That violates free will. You may be drawn to a next step, or feel a strong push. But to step or not step is your choice. Response to ‘Should’ questions often sounds like crickets while Spirit waits for you to ask a viable question. Not getting an answer from Divine Source? Ask again in a different way.

So, what kind of question serves our quest?

A ‘what’ question—like the one at the beginning of this paragraph. Or, ‘What do I do now?’ or ‘What action blesses me now?’ ‘What might be my best response to this?’ 

Or, try a ‘how’ question. No, not ‘how long is this going to go on!’ but rather ‘How may I best shine through this situation?’ or ‘How shall I proceed from here?’ or ‘How may I best be of service here?’ Another quest request might not be a question at all. It might look like, ‘Show me my next step.’ or, ‘Show me how to let go.’ (A ‘how’ question without the question.)

The question for the quest then activates the energy and world around you. Energy, Divine Source, and the world responds by giving you signs and symbolic messages. You might find yourself asking for clarification. ‘What does this mean for me?’

When all else fails, shut up and listen. Listen to your heart-of-hearts. It already knows. Your expanded awareness likes the signs as symbols as confirmation of this knowing. We get a ring-true feeling.

Once recognized, we feel the ring-true feeling as it abides within. We then move forward. The dawning of insight leads the way.

Example Questions

 ‘What do I do now?’

‘What action blesses me now?’

‘What might be my best response to this?’

‘How may I best shine through this situation?’  

‘How shall I proceed from here?’  

‘How may I best be of service here?’

‘Show me my next step.’ (A ‘how’ question without the question.)

Show me how to let go.’ (A ‘how’ question without the question.)

‘What does this mean for me?’