I had a great dream the other day. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with a big smile on my face. It was just lovely.

First of all, I was thin in my dream. And, I was young. About 20 ish. That’s enough to make an older person like me smile for sure. But that wasn’t the best part.

The best part of the dream was learning to dance. The dream wasn’t about dance class or having an instructor. It was about a celebration in which I was invited to dance along with many others. I declined the offer to dance at first. I’ve not really been much of a dancer and have always felt awkward and self-conscious.

The one who asked me, took my hand and gently let me to do some easy dance steps around the floor. It was nice.

Then the music picked up the pace and he wanted to do some more, well, how do I say it . . . more lively moves. He wanted to swing me around! I certainly began to resist, but as I looked into his eyes (I don’t remember his face). I could see he was watching where we were going and he was keeping me safe.

I could let go. If I were brave enough. Maybe.

I told him that I couldn’t let go! He responded with, “of course you cannot. Unless you trust.”

Again, looking into his eyes, I knew I could trust him, and so we danced.

He swooped me around the room. I felt like Cinderella as I lost first one shoe and then the other. He flung me dangerously close to the table where people were sitting and eating and yet, he pulled me back just in time. I found myself saying, “oh, look at that.” As if swooping past diners was an everyday thing.

Seems like we danced forever. I woke up before the music was over with that delighted smile on my face and rolled over into a dreamless sleep that lasted until morning.

When I woke up, I was delighted to remember the dream and the feeling it gave me. I realized that the dream was telling me something about my life and about life in general.

We hang on to old perceptions and fears as if they will grant us safety or protection from life. We cannot let go, because we have nothing to hang onto to. Nothing we can trust will get us through. We feel life spins us around in a frenzy without direction.

Yet, perhaps this perspective isn’t accurate.

Perhaps Great Spirit, Divine Source, All That Is, has us by the hand and supports us as we twirl and swoop through life. Certainly, life has let us all down. And yet, through it all, we can sense the “hand of God” touching our lives and bringing grace out of chaos and peace out of turmoil.

What if we could “let go” of worry just a bit more?

What if we could “let go” of stress just a bit more?

What if we could “let go” of fear and the ‘what if’s’ just a little bit more?

Would we waltz through life with a smile on our faces?


Perhaps looking deeply into the eyes of the “One Who Holds Our Hand” will bring us into a deeper level of trust. How do we look more deeply into that which is unseen? Bringing our attention to those little synchronicities that show us we are connected. Noticing the kindness of others. Noticing we are not along in our journey to bliss. Others of like mind walk through our lives and bring us joy and insight.

I’m making a new commitment to be even more aware of how life dances with me. I’m allowing myself to let go a little more even when life spins me around. I’m choosing to smile at the near misses and know that my dance partner has got this – is paying attention – keeping me safe.

I bet I fall back into fear, too. And when I do, I can allow myself to remember to let go and dance with my whole heart and soul, body and mind.

This should be interesting!