Over the past few months, I’ve had a lot people contact me expressing their readiness to change, to heal, to do things differently. Each person requires a unique solution since our uniqueness demands it. I’d like to share with you a process each one of us can do on our own – Dream Healing.

Have you ever had a bad dream that seemed to stick with you for days after waking up? Or a recurring dream? Let’s take a spiritual symbolic look at that.

Our dreams speak to us symbolically. Your symbolism may be different than mine because, again, of your uniqueness and your unique journey of life.

For example: to me a housecat in a dream means playfulness or comfort. For someone whose experience of cats is less than pleasant may view a housecat as unnerving or even scary. Finding your own symbolic language really helps heal those disturbing dreams.

I strongly encourage use of traditional symbolic meanings as our subconscious may relate to those meanings as well. Where do you find those? Just Google it! “What is the symbolic meaning of _____?” (My favorite source for animal symbolism is Ted Andrews. He takes a Native American approach to symbolism.) Then notice within yourself if any of those symbolic definitions fit for you. Trust that inner knowing! Your dreams come to speak to you.

I also feel that Divine Inspiration often sends the symbolism within dreams. The more attention we give to our dreams, the more we dream. It’s like, “Oh look! She’s paying attention! Let’s give her more!” What a blessing when the dreams fill us with peace and comfort.

So, let’s talk about those dreams that disturb our peace and haunt us for days . . . even if we forget details, we remember the feelings the dream generated. Set aside the feelings for a minute. What cast of characters play within this dream? (We will discuss animals and other worldly creatures in a minute.) For now, who comes to you in this dream? Someone from your past? Someone you currently know? What role did they play in your life? Were they critical? Were they oppressive? Were they distant? This specific person reflects to you a characteristic – not necessarily that specific person. Believe it or not, this person in your dream reflects to you either how you treat yourself or how you feel you currently are being treated. If the person in your dream criticized you in real life, you may be hyper critical of yourself right now. Or, you may fall prey to another critical person in your day to day life. You’ve been given a heads up to address that issue. Maybe you addressed it in an unproductive way with the person in real life. Might be time to get guidance on a new way to treat this issue.

Bottom Line: What ever person shows up in a dream, an aspect of SELF now requires attention. SELF symbolically represents self very clearly in the role others play in our lives. 

The symbolism depends upon our own unique life experiences. Remember to set aside the feelings the dream generates. This helps us clearly identify the symbolic message being sent.

When animals and other worldly creatures inhabit our dreams, we look to their symbolic meaning to us specifically first. And then consider the definition offered from other sources. Let’s say we have a terrifying dream about a bear. Maybe it chased you and you felt like you were going to be eaten alive. Not a fun dream!

And yet, Bear as a archetype symbolizes power. Are you afraid of your own power? Many of us fit this description! We run from our own greatness! The dream lets you know that the time is now to come into your own power and strength. Running from yourself no longer is an option. Time to step up. What step presents itself that you fear? Take a baby step in that direction. Bear energy then supports you rather than terrifying you.

Does Bear symbolize something different to you personally? Apply that meaning to your dream. The dream’s message once understood neutralizes the energy and the dream fades. It’s like, “Oh, I get it.” Then, the dream accomplishes its intended results and dissipates from your awareness.

What if you experience a dragon or a unicorn? What do these mean to you? What symbolic meaning does each hold for you? What other meanings have you found that apply to these creatures? What fits for you?

Either you are the symbolic object representing an aspect of yourself that requires immediate attention, or the symbolic object graphically represents your current situation. Even scary dreams hold great value. They arrive to teach and to bless! The terror felt reflects our mind and heart in denial. We walk around oblivious to aspects of our lives and dreams opens the door of awareness for us. When we address the issues presented, the dreams no longer haunt us. We got the message and the dreams go away! We rest easy because we walk our sacred path with awareness and attention. Dreams want us to heal. Dreams provide amazing insight. Dreams stir us up. Who knew?

Before you go to bed, ask Divine Source – whatever that is for you – to reveal to you what is ready to heal now. Ask that the information be gifted to you gently. The bear may sit with you rather than chase you. The more open you become, the more easily the symbolic messages reveal the truth. Beautiful, rich symbolism feeds you with profound information.

If your dreams still trouble you, you might want to check in with a licensed mental health care provider to get your answers.

I wish you Sweet Dreams!!