A gentle breeze is blowing. Not a physical breeze, yet a flow or movement of energy breezing by. This energy comes to refresh your soul. Allow it to carry away from you any distress or mistrust. It can gently lift up and sweep away this unwanted energy.

It only requires your permission. By granting permission, you activate your awareness and you engage your intent. These two actions integrate this gentle flow of energy into the clearing process it has come here to do. This too is new energy to your planet. In times past, your negative energy would need to be grounded out or physically swept away. With this new energy, your awareness and your intent are all that is required.

Allow yourself to sense this energy flow. Its gentle nature is of a higher vibration than you are used to, so take a moment to notice it. Once you do, it is like a gentle sigh of release washing past you. Take your time to notice this. Again, it is higher energy than you are used to and may take a moment to recognize.

May this energy breeze blow sweetness into your whole life

Once you notice this energy breeze, begin to notice the stress and tension within your being - physical and ethereal being. This tension stems from distress - things not going the way you prefer or from mistrust - feeling unsafe within yourself or regarding others. Notice these two types of stress and tension.

Grant them permission to leave you by saying either, "You may leave me." or "Thank you, but no thank you, be gone." (Thanking this energy is very powerful! It is here to protect you by bringing a disharmony to your attention! No need to hate it or be angry about it or resent it, just honor it and give it permission to be gone.) Or find your own words that can assist you in granting permission to go.

Once permission is granted, the energy breeze can do its work. It sweeps over you and through you to clear this released energy. It may take a moment or two to clear depending upon how long you've experienced the distress and mistrust. Just notice and allow it to clear for you.

Once this energy breeze has done what it came to do, it will slowly soften and dissipate. You can call this energy breeze back to you at any time - rather, it is always here, yet only active when your awareness touches it. Reactivate this energy breeze with your awareness with intent to clear.  The result will be clearer focus, clearer body experiences and clearer emotions. We hope you will utilize this new energy breeze often as it is needed at this point in your world.

As you clear your own self, the energy breeze can begin to clear inanimate objects that hold energy in your world. An angry exchange between people can leave a residue of distress and mistrust on walls, chairs, floors, etc. It is time for your whole world to clear, is this not so?