Note: This message was chanelled in the Spring of 2021. The energy they refer to has now been gifted to us. 

Your world is changing rapidly. Your perceptions are changing rapidly as well. What you perceived before as necessary is now viewed as a gift of abundance. What you once perceived as difficulty is now perceived as annoyance. What once perceived as impossible is not viewed as do-able.

You have faced great challenges and have risen above them, so your perceptions of life circumstances appear different to you.

This is good. This is growth. This is self-empowerment.

There are more changes on the horizon. You tend to allow the prospect of these changes frighten you. And yet, if you consider how you have overcome so much already, those new experiences can be viewed as just that. New experiences.

The challenge with this is again perception. Anything not yet experienced feels threatening, does it not? Yet, with each new experience, not only are you gaining agilities and abilities for coping, enduring and thriving through them . . . we are giving you help and support.

This help is more than just words to make you feel good. In actuality, we are funneling energy to you that you can utilize to heal, grow, and face change.

This is new energy that has not yet been implanted into the physical world as yet. It is new to you, rather. This energy is from the eternal ethereal realms and has existed always. It is being gifted to you now, because you are ready for it.

This new energy grants you strength along with peace. You may have already had a glimpse or a taste of this energy in a fleeting moment of clarity. Yet, a greater measure of this energy is coming your way.

How do you receive it?

You will receive it without any action on your part. However, we know that you will want to experience the receiving. So, in order to experience this, move as often as you can into a state of peace-filled expanded awareness. This energy will arrive like tiny particles of multi-colored light. The room will become filled with these particles.

This is not a one-time thing. This will continue to occur over the next 9 to 18 months. Whether you perceive these particles or not, you will receive them. The purpose of these particles is to strengthen you energetically in order to face changes without experiencing fear. If you are feeling fearful, stop . . . move into peace-filled expanded awareness and notice the room around you. It will seem to brighten with the flow or you will feel energized in a new and different way. It will feel like your soul is being dipped into a fountain of fizzy water.

You will enjoy this greatly!

It brings us great delight to bring this energy to you. Enjoy!