You may feel as if you are experiencing emotional upheaval or emotional shut down. You may feel distanced or disconnected, or overconnected and overconcerned.

These feelings set a trap for you. Certainly, it is normal to feel these feelings, yet, normal is not the optimal nor is it the desired result. Once the sneaky trap has been sprung, it may prove to be difficult or nearly impossible to escape, yet escape you must. Escape from entrapment is your calling.

You are being called to freedom and to joy. Neither of these things (nor a multitude of other blessings) can be found within the trap.

The challenge of the sprung trap is that is seems impossible to escape. It also feels a bit, well, justified and therefore comfortable. As if one deserves to feel this earned misery.

Life has many obstacles, suffering and difficulty underlie all those things. Yet, misery need not accompany that. Hardships can be met with joy. Ailments can me met with trust and hope. Loss can me met with release.

The key to the trap is not within the feeling itself, but rather in the awareness of the feeling. Noticing and becoming aware with expanded awareness allows the feeling to exist outside of your physical experience. Let us say this differently. Outside of your awareness of your feeling, there exists other feelings at the same time. They are already here. Expanding one’s awareness allows other feelings to surface and be reclaimed.

You may wish to remind yourself of a memory of a happier time. The "you" that is already free knows these feelings and can remember them into this moment. Now, you can accept these feelings and identify things in this present moment that fit this feeling and lock it in.

You may wish to step outside and notice a tree or the rocks or dirt nearby. Their endurance through the years, and even ages, reminds you that you exist beyond this momentary situation. Even if the situation that distresses you continues, you can identify the parts of your awareness that are untouched by the circumstance. Compassion remains untouched no matter the circumstances. Peace remains within any situation as does joy, love, and purposefulness.

Your purpose on planet Earth remains active within any circumstance. Don't know what your purpose is? It certainly is not to feel misery. The physical form will feel pain. The emotional self will feel emotional pain.

Yet your purpose exists beyond any physical circumstance that generates an unpleasant feeling. Knowing this will help your destiny to find you.

Yes, your feelings are real. Your feelings are probably justified. Your feelings are probably just trying to keep you from safe from additional harm. Yet, your feelings are not the sum total of who you are.

You are Amazing! You are Light! You are Love! You are Brilliant! Your life matters a great deal to us. Let the real you shine through any circumstance you face.

We see your brilliance and are amazed! We walk with you as you re-discover your true self.