Each step you now take sets you upon a direction of your life. Each choice you make sets you in the direction of your intent.

Yes, you know these things. Where you are right now came from the intent you set years ago. You know this, too. You also know that you can change your intent and your direction with a change in your focus and your willingness.

You also have an inkling that you are ready for something really big, do you not?

What might that be? You do not need to know exactly what that might be, but you can have an inkling or a hint of the feeling of it. Do you feel the truth of this?

So, allow yourself to imagine the best possible outcome for yourself as much as you might be able to imagine at this time. The best possible outcome may be too big for you to imagine just yet - yet you can imagine the feeling of it.

Take the feeling that you can imagine and notice it. Do you feel safe? Do you feel active and energized? Do you feel peaceful and calm? Do you feel fulfilled and blessed? Do you feel gracious and generous? Do you even know what those feelings feel like?

We ask these questions to get you out of thinking and into expanded awareness. Thinking often tells you how to feel - sad, afraid, lonely, overwhelmed. Your expanded awareness can comprehend the bliss that awaits you where you mind/feelings cannot grasp this.

When the expanded awareness grasps the expanded feelings, The Universe (God, Higher Power, All That Is, The Trinity - as you may refer to this Divine Light of Love) responds and sets up opportunities for this to come to you in ways you cannot imagine!

Life tells you to be afraid, yet your spirit tells you to be courageous. Circumstances tell you to be overwhelmed, yet your inner being knows The Way. The Way reveals itself to you within the expanded feelings.

Do you just conjure them up like magic? Well, perhaps.

Allow yourself to remember a kindness and this builds the energetic construct of kindness in your energy field and kindness finds its way to you! Is this magic? Perhaps.

Allow yourself to remember a moment of fulfillment. 

(Fulfillment only lasts a moment, so a moment is all that can be remembered. The inner being constantly raises the bar and searches for what's next. This is wonderful as it keeps one engaged in life and open to new wondrous possibilities! Until the feeling of being overwhelmed steps in and crushes that spirit of fulfillment.) 

Revitalize the feeling of fulfillment with a memory of this energy and Divine Source provides opportunities for The Way to fulfillment to open up to you.

So... what we are saying is this. An energetic construct of your feelings surrounds you and supports your journey while Divine Light provides The Way into more of that feeling.

It is your choice what feelings are constructed in your behalf.

You might wish to remind yourself of this great inner power with a few simple words.

I Am. 

I Am Ready. 

I Am One with Divine Light of Love.

We walk with you in this.