You've heard the call to follow your heart. However, before you follow your heart, it requires filling. An empty heart leads you no-where.

How does one fill one's heart?

Recognize the value, grace, and beauty in all things. Yes, even in difficulty, there is a secret beauty. Look for this! And in every simple task and every simple moment look for the beauty that resides there. Seek for the grace of the moment in each activity. Assign value to every aspect of your life.

Your judgment locks you into perceiving things as unfair, bad, or unworthy. Your judgment doesn't come from the heart. Notice this judgment and allow it to be without struggle. Then move your awareness into your willingness to perceive value, grace, and beauty.

With the willingness, these elements are more easily perceived. They abide whether you see them or not. Your perceptions tune in to access their presence.

So, too, you tune your perceptions to tune in to perceiving spiritual things - spiritual truths, spiritual beings, and spiritual steps in the journey. This tuning process begins with seeking and noticing value, grace, and beauty.

We define value as that which is helpful. Do you have thoughts that aren't helpful? Notice them and choose a different thought that does contain value. A thought like, "I can't do this," can be observed without accepting it as truth or the final word. Allowing a thought of value to sit beside this other thought disconnects the first thought from harming you, or blocking you, or stopping you. Like, "I don't know how, yet." and "I wonder who can assist me?" and "I wonder, is this mine to do?"

We define grace in two ways. Ease of movement - like a grace-filled dances who moves effortlessly across the dance floor. That effortless movement came with great effort! Training, practice require effort, but when accomplished, they beget grace-ful movements. Our other definition of grace holds the receiving of spiritual assistance. Unearned, and even can be unexpected perhaps, just that extra measure of help, right when you need it. Often the two definitions come together. When you release effort the grace comes and you move forward with ease.

Our definition of beauty holds the treasuring and appreciating life as it unfolds. You see the beauty of a flower easily. It is no less beautiful as a bud than in full bloom. It's possible to perceive each moment, each situation as it unfolds as beautiful. We realize it's much more difficult to perceive one's self unfolding as beautiful. Yet, by shifting into spiritual awareness and not through physical eyes, beauty is easily perceived. Even one's own beauty.

Fill you heart with these things, Dear One. This is how we see you.