We are all looking for our tribe. Where we fit in. Who values us—our opinions, our talents, our hearts. We discover who can care for us and allow us to care for them without crossing sacred boundaries.

Were you one of the popular kids at school? I wasn’t, but I did have a pack of neighborhood kids I hung out with. We were all about the same age. We would walk to school together while our dads rode the bus together to work at Hanford. We went to different churches, but we all were families of faith.

It was those common bonds that helped us create friendships. It was the things we liked and enjoyed in common that helped us create bonds that lasted beyond school years.

Once school was out, there was more school and friendships developed from proximity in the dorm rooms and classes we took.

After school, there were jobs and friendships created from a common work environment.

But were those friendships our tribe? Some were deep friendships indeed, yet within those friendships there was distance caused by lack of spiritual commonality. With spiritual commonality, the bonds become more powerful. We don’t even have to share common neighborhoods, common religious preferences, or even (and especially) common political views.

Yet, having that spiritual commonality, we share ourselves so deeply that we transcend the superficial (though important) differences. We spiritually thrive in the energy of sacredness.

People say they can really feel something when they walk in through the doors of The Divine Fellowship. There is a palpable energy of commonality, safety, and mutual appreciation that physically exists within that space. Each person walks their own sacred path of discovery. Each person chooses their own sacred actions . . . And those are all different! Yet, the spiritual commonality of compassion and appreciation of one another fills the building with a strength that we all share. This gives us the ability to grow and grow more easily.

What were you looking for when you found The Divine Fellowship? A place to find yourself? A place to find your faith? A place to be of service? A place to learn about

your spiritual tools and abilities? A place to rest and recover? A place to laugh and relax? A place to reclaim your worth?

Are you finding what you are looking for?

In just a short time, we will be recreating this same energy of commonality, safety, and compassion at the Healing Light Expo. (April 4 & 5 at the Red Lion Inn in Kennewick—in case you had forgotten...lol) The creation of this energy field at the Expo holds the highest purpose for our Expo. Yes, we want to have fun. We want to share our gifts and even make some money in the process. Yet, the primary purpose of our Expo allows the creation of this commonality energy where others can feel safe enough to explore. With all of our many vendors there is so much to explore—healings, readings, intuition, crystals, personal development, energy, insight, and joy. And, a place for people to, perhaps, discover their spiritual tribe.