We wish to convey to you how powerful you are.

We wish to convey to you how magnificent you are.

We wish to convey to you how precious you are.

We wish to convey to you how sacred you are

As much as we might want to give you this information, it is your journey to discover these truths.

Do you not feel sacred? Precious? Magnificent? Powerful? Perhaps not - or at least not all the time. Then your journey of discovery is unfolding. There is much yet for you to learn and assimilate.

This is not to elevate you beyond another, for you each are sacred, precious, magnificent and powerful in your own way. Were you all the same there would be no need of self-descovery.

You can, however, see these elements in another and it will give you a glimpse of them in your own life. Take a quiet moment to look at one you admire. See these qualities? Notice how you also have these qualities in a different way. Without attempting to be someone you are not, you can allow your own energy to shine forth as a beacon of light.

This light is not merely for the beauty of it, but also for the power it yields to change the world ... change your world ... change how the world appears for you ... change how you appear in your world.

You are achieving much. Hold on to this hope and know that this achievement is happening because of the sacred, precious, magnificent power you hold within your awareness.

Do you have a sense of this? Keep looking. We see who you truly are and long for you to see this, too.