As we face a new year, we take a look back at the year past. We humans tend to remember only the difficult and negative stuff. It’s human nature. Along with that human nature, we have all experienced difficulty on a national, even a world-wide scale!

These factors set us up for lingering agitation and dismay. We feel emotionally wounded as well as physically distressed. We experience mental dismay as well as spiritual anguish. We require healing on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Politics and covid have left us feeling unsafe and filled with mistrust. Can we trust that person to keep their political garbage to themselves? Can we trust that person to not spread illness? Can we trust ourselves to protect ourselves on all levels? Can we trust that we will be guided and strengthened?

All of this leaves us feeling drained and exhausted. We don’t have the right kind of fight left in us. We may be ready to throw a punch verbally, but we don’t know where to take a stand and be strong mentally with life’s shifting movement.

So, let’s take a moment to breeeeeatheeee. That conscious inhale and a conscious exhale relaxes the entire being. We hold our breath when we feel uncertain. We hold on to suffering when we feel challenged. So, the conscious breath allows the body, mind, emotions and spirit to momentarily disconnect from that negative flow and instantly places us within the spiritual flow.

Within the spiritual flow, we feel Peace. Within the Peace, we feel the Peace-Power that changes everything! Mental overload shifts into clarity. Physical exhaustion shifts into willingness and even enthusiasm. Emotional distress shifts into joy and gratitude. Spiritual anguish shifts into safety and trust.

Whatever you are feeling/experiencing, take a long inhale and a long exhale.

Choose to notice one thing around you that catches your eye. This “thing” is more than a thing—it is now an anchor point for your entire being. Is this object a gift? Is a memory attached to this thing? Is it a result of an accomplishment? What is the value or the purpose of that object? Notice it. Acknowledge it. If it was a gift, send a mental gratitude to the one who gave it—even if you are no longer friends, remember that friendship has great and lasting value. Was it something you purchased for yourself? It

was something you felt you needed or wanted. Honor that choice to purchase that object.

Beneath all of this is the loving presence of Divine Source—The Living Light of Love. You were blessed either by that friendship or by the abundance that brought that item to you. Feel that underlying presence. It’s deep. It’s strong. It’s there. It’s always there. Notice it and reconnect to that deep strength.

That connection sends healing energy on all levels of your existence. Healing energy flows to your physical body. Healing energy flows to your mind. Healing energy flows to your emotional being. And healing energy flows to your soul/spirit revitalizing and refreshing your awareness.

This is your rightful state of being. BE HEALED!