We encourage you to follow your heart.

Yet, you seem not yet able to hear your heart when it speaks to you. It speaks often. Certainly, you listen when you are distressed and need guidance and answers. Yet, the heart-of-hearts that is connected with The Living Light of Love sends messages to you at all times.

These are messages of confirmation that you are on the right path. When you miss these messages, you find yourself filled with doubt. These messages nudge you in a different direction. When you miss these messages, you find yourself second guessing yourself. These are messages of love and compassion for yourself and others. When you miss these messages, you find yourself filled with judgment. These messages are filled with joy and peace. When you miss them, you find yourself filled with worry and fear.

Each person's heart-of-heart's speaks to them in a unique way. Perhaps it is an emotional feeling, perhaps it is a brighter awareness, perhaps it is a strengthening that one might feel.

We encourage you to discover this unique communication between your heart-of-hearts, Divine Source, and your awakening awareness.

Take a moment right now to find your inner center. It may feel like nothing. This sort of emptiness isn't empty. It may feel peaceful or at ease. Just look to see what you experience as you bring your awareness and attention to your inner center.

Once found or at least you think so, mention an action you'd like to take. Do you still feel the expansive emptiness? Do you still feel peaceful or at ease? Then you are being encouraged to move forward with that action. If you experienced a locked down or heavy feeling or something pulled your attention away just in that moment, your heart-of-hearts has a different preference for you. Ask again with a new intent for action. And perhaps ask again. When the expansive awareness returns, this intent for action has stronger energy for you.

Your heart-of-hearts communicates with you in this way all day long. However, if filled with doubt or judgment or other negative emotional responses to your world, you cannot hear your heart-of-hearts.

It's much easier to hear the "should's" the mind tells you to do. Taking time to hear your heart-of-hearts with this expansive awareness will be far more rewarding.

We walk with you as you discover your own heart-of-heart's communication.