Each day, you shift and transform. Yet, each day you remain you. Your body ages, but your spirit remains young. Your awareness expands but you remain on this physical plane of existence. Even the cells in your body change, yet here you are.

Change is an immutable law of existence here. Things can and will change. Maybe the changes are powerful and immediately felt. Maybe the changes take lifetimes.

We are here to help you through life's changes. The world around you is changing. You are changing and you may not even know how, to what extent, nor what the end result will be. You may feel the need to resist or fight the changes. It is certainly natural to hang on to what is familiar. We encourage you however, to notice the opportunity for change as it arrives and allow yourself to step into the flow as best you can. The changes that we see for you spiritually are monumental.

This means your old habituated patterns are being challenged. Do you really need to continue to do that any more? What might things look like if you did something different? This grants you the opportunity to tap into innovation and unlimited possibilities.

Often, we hear you crying out because you feel stuck! Yet, you resist change when it finally appears!

Your previous limitations prohibit you from seeing beyond what currently exists for you. Now is the time to discover greater aspects within your grasp. New ideas unfold for you when you step into the flow of innovation and change.

Yes, there will be fear, but not fear as a deterrent. Any new adventure triggers an aspect of high alert. Do not mistake this sharp edge of awareness within this high alert as a bad thing. This feeling is different than the high alert you feel when you are moving into danger or something unpleasant. You will intuitively know an unpleasant thing and will step out of harms way. This is not what we are discussing here. We are discussing with you this opportunity for optimistic growth for greater happiness and peace.

You desire happiness and peace. If you are not happy now and peaceful now, or at least not as happy or peaceful as you'd like to be, then open to the opportunity for change that is coming. Can you have a sense of this change?

Welcome it when you see it.

How to welcome it? Notice it with your full attention. Notice your sense of high alert and pay attention to that. This watchfulness is without distress, Dear One. It's like being a child and thinking you might have heard the ice cream truck! Is this for me?! Shall I get excited?! Shall I go get some "change" and decide what I might select this time? I could have this or that or the other thing. What delights me now?

This is the energy we bring to you. Be alert and get your "change" ready for a new delight!