Ok, so I’m a bit weird.  Well, maybe more than just a bit.  I don’t see things like other people do and, I see things that other people don’t – like auras, spirit guides, symbolic insights, and dead people.

Did you know there are two kinds of dead people?

There are those that have crossed over and are in the Light and there are those that are stuck in the grey place – we call those guys ghosts.  The ones that have crossed over are loving and supportive of us as they are sustained by Divine Light and Love.  We can communicate with them and receive encouragement and an abiding connection of love.  You might even notice their presence as a soft glow of light out of the corner of your eye. Or a song coming to mind that reminds you of them.  They are not stuck here.  They dwell in the heavenly realms and visit now and then.

Ghosts, those spirits that haven’t crossed over, tend to feed on emotions.  Good news/bad news with this.  If a ghost is looking for the light, we can help them find it. It’s like bugs drawn to a porch light in the summer.  A lost spirit will see the light in a person and be drawn to it.  Once drawn to us, they can observe and learn more about life and how to best live it.  When they figure things out, they effortlessly cross over – we may not have even known they were there.

Then, there are those that were so stuck in life that they may be drawn to our light, but only to extinguish it.  These guys can be a real nuisance.  They relish it when we get angry.  They feed on that anger and amplify it back to us.  They feed on fear and sadness as well.  The more energy they absorb the more likely they are to move objects and cause disturbances.

Of all the years (over 40 years) I’ve seen and worked with the spirit world, these dark things are very rare.  They stick in places where intense emotions have repeatedly been experienced – like abandoned hospitals or prisons.  I’ve only seen a few existing with living people.  Usually, those people have been going through some really difficult things and are stuck in a dark place themselves.  As a person reclaims their own joy, the dark things go away.  Once in a while, a clearing ceremony is necessary.

I’ve known of a couple of families who boast about having a ghost.  I’m not so sure about that.  They are not pets.  Those spirits are feeding on something.  I sure wouldn’t want it to be my energy or my emotions. 

So, what to do if you have a ghost or think you do?

Did you just bring in an antique piece of furniture?  Often, spirits will cling to past belongings.  If this happens, first thing, try not to freak out.  Remember, they feed on fear, anger, sadness, etc.  With a calm state of being, you can speak to the piece of furniture and tell it that you will care for it and honor it and it’s okay for its owner to go to the light.  Then visualize in your mind’s eye a doorway of light and tell the previous owner that it’s okay to go. 

Let’s face it, if a doorway opened to your dream vacation with all expenses paid, wouldn’t you go?  Whatever unfinished business or stuck energy that spirit might have can be overcome with this method.  Just be encouraging and bless them on their journey.  Most spirits are just waiting for permission or encouragement to go.

Did you come into a residence that has weird stuff happening? 

This might be a bit more challenging.  Remember to start with your own positive state of being.  Do whatever you need to do to get in that state of mind.  Meditate, pray, listen to uplifting music – whatever.  Open a door or window at one end of the house, then start at the other end of the residence and bless every room and every corner of every room.  I like to use a candle or do some drumming with a Native American drum.  I often burn sage and let the smoke clear the way.  (Watch out for smoke alarms!!)  Say a prayer as you go, like:  Loving Spirit of Light, please remove any sorrow, fear or loss and fill this space with the Living Light of Love.  Ghosts just float on out the open door or window.  When you are done, close that window or door, and tell the ghost:  This is MY home.  You may not return.  Go to the light.  You will find peace there.

I strongly encourage you to continue to bring yourself into an uplifted, positive state of being.  Read motivational writings, pray, meditate, listen to uplifting music.  Watch your negative thinking and counteract that with gratitude.  You don’t want to give any other spirit a foothold in your world.

Certainly, I’ve experienced more difficult situations than what I’ve written here.  In the past, I would “cast them out” with a loud voice and 3 sharp claps of the hands.  And then, I experienced something that really changed my perspective. . . I was working long distance and asking Jesus to help me transfer a horrible spirit into a crystal to keep it away from the homeowner’s family.  I saw the spirit move into the crystal as if it were being thrown into prison, but this time, Jesus went in with it.  It raged and howled and threw itself against the bars and Jesus just stayed there. Compassion and kindness rolled off the image of Jesus I was seeing.  I got the feeling that I needed to just let things be as they were, so I put the crystal next to another huge crystal and walked away. 

Days later, I picked up the crystal and tuned in again.  This time, Jesus was sitting next to a broken figure of a man.  Tattered clothes, scars on his body, and his head in his hands.  I could hear him wailing.  Jesus just sat there with him, gently waiting.  I replaced the crystal and went on about my business.  Several weeks later, I picked up the crystal again.  This time I saw the man leaning on Jesus and crying softly.  My next visit with the crystal revealed the bars of the prison were gone.  The man was standing tall, smiling, and wearing a suit.  Jesus was leading him toward the open portal of light.

It was the most beautiful transformation I had ever experienced.  Love wins.

Hope I didn’t take all the scary fun out of Halloween for you.  Just know that if you have a ghostly encounter, your first response might be to be terrified.  Rightly so!  If you can find your own way to peace and compassion, you can help lead the lost one to the light.  Oh, sure, there is probably some religious stuff that you could do, but just know this . . . love wins.